Amazon Product Photography



One product five shots

  • Multiple product angles

  • White background

  • Multiple Angles
  • Detail shots

  • 5 images
  • Extra shots @ £7 each

  • Extra info-graphic available at £25 each



20 images incl location and infographic

  • Multiple product angles

  • Lifestyle in-situ shoot
  • On location shoot to show product in location being used

  • White background shots included

  • Multiple Angles
  • Detail shots

  • 20 images
  • Extra shots @ £7 each

  • Images prepared for online use


£ bespoke

Same as Pro but includes video

  • Includes video

  • Includes full photographic coverage from Pro package

  • Multiple Angles
  • Detail shots

  • Includes product video shoot
  • Extra shots @ £7 each

  • Images prepared for online use


  • Enhanced retouching for products ( needed when products may have manufacturing imperfections ) £40 per hour
  • Mileage @ £0.45 per mile outside of the Ipswich area
  • Supply of PNG images with transparent background ( not available with Lifestyle Studio ) £1 per image
  • Composting images £10 per composite
  • Infographics £25 per graphic
  • Model fees

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Product photography visual glossary

You may have noticed a many different terms used to describe different kinds of product photography. Below is a visual glossary describing the differnt looks and styles of photography we can use to create high quality images that will help your products sell.

Amazon Product Photography - turn broswers into buyers

Amazon product photography specialist. You only get one chance to make a first impression. It has been proven that high-quality product images on Amazon will convert browsers into your buyers.
Therefore your product takes center stage whilst a white or colored background provides a clean contrast required for e-commerce websites such as Amazon.
Our advanced camera and photography techniques will make sure your product stands out from your competitors.

Additionally we provide professional images for other platforms including ebay, Etsy and online eCommerce websites.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for a visual glossary of photographic terms used.

White Background

One of the most popular product photography styles has a pure white background without any shadow. These images need further photoshop work.

Hero Shot

The 'Hero' shot typically has more advanced lighting with a colored background.  Photoshop is used to further enhance the image.These shots help your product to stand out.

Creative Product

A  step up from the 'Hero' shot is the 'Creative Product'. These are typically special effect shots with multiple images carefuuly edited in photohop.

Lifestyle studio

With the Lifestyle Studio we create a small set in the studio which needs minimal post production work. Different backgrounds and textures can be used.


Similar to the white background but with a added reflection. Depending on the product we can shoot either with a reflective surface or add the reflection in photoshop.

Transparent Background

Sometimes a transparent background is needed to overlay a image. We can supply products with a transparent background as a png file.

Ghost Mannequin

The Ghost Mannequin effect is applied if you want to give the appearance of the garment being worn as if by a invisible person. Advance shooting and photoshop techniques are used.

Lifestyle in-situ

Context is often important to a product shot. Showing a product which either shows the product being used or in a environment which adds visual context.