Creative Product Photography

 Creative Images

Product photography gets creative! Creative images are perfect to give your products the wow factor! Different from packshots ( which will typically be shot on a white background ) this type of imagery is often used for advertising and marketing. Above all it is more than just capturing the details of a product. Careful thought and artistic creativity are employed to make your product stand out. These sorts of images are important to help establish your brand and product ethos. In addition, we will help guide you through the creative process listening to your ideas and goals.

"Product photography is one way to strengthen your brand identity and tie together its image across your web presence. Keeping your photography consistent in style ensures that your brand develops its own digital persona" quote from Ad-Rank

Different to Packshots

Creative product photography is perfect for creating dynamic product images with special effects. Using advanced camera and photoshop techniques, we can create images that are out of the ordinary.  We especially enjoy lifestyle in-situ photographic setups. Capturing your products in perfect locations that can show your products in use. Additionally, we can help you select and source locations that will set your products off to there very best.

No matter what your needs we are happy to discuss all sorts of ideas and work with you to create perfect images. Many studies have shown that improving your images has a direct correlation to increased sales.

"As an e-commerce retailer, your products are the backbone of your business. There’s no denying the importance of great product photography, whether you’re looking to improve sales on your e-commerce product pages or heighten engagement and conversion through social media. As many as 67% of consumers consider image quality to be ‘very important’ when buying online, so investing in clear, high-resolution photography is vital for brands and businesses looking to make their mark in a saturated marketplace. Whatever the size and scope of your business, high-quality product photography is essential for those hoping to generate revenue through e-commerce. Product photography is often more cost-effective than one might think, especially given its necessity." quote from  Ad-Rank

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Due to the bespoke nature of creative product photography please contact us with your photographic brief we can evaluate so we give you a quote.

Let us create stunning imagery for your business and especially for the items you sell. If you would like to discuss your business photographic needs please contact us at any time. Call 07989 557797 or email